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$300,000 20-Year Fully Guaranteed Level Premium Term Life Insurance, Preferred Plus Non-Nicotine

Age SBLI2 MetLife2 Transamerica*3
30 $14.62 $22.41 $16.49
35 $15.40 $23.22 $18.02
40 $20.36 $31.32 $23.60
45 $33.67 $37.80 $37.04
50 $50.90 $56.16 $54.26
Age SBLI2 MetLife2 Transamerica*3
30 $13.31 $20.52 $15.23
35 $14.09 $21.87 $17.24
40 $18.01 $29.43 $21.32
45 $27.14 $30.51 $29.93
50 $37.85 $42.66 $43.61

Source: Comparison of competitve rate from Compulife/metlife.com as of 6/11/2012
*TransTerm UL 20

*Visit www.ambest.com to learn more.

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